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Driving Excellence Through Precision Testing and Cutting-Edge Automation

In an era where flawless software delivery is paramount, QBID stands at the forefront of quality assurance, integrating innovation with precision. Our deep-rooted expertise in Salesforce, ServiceNow, Azure, AWS, SAP Hybris, and a spectrum of frontend and backend technologies is complemented by our mastery over leading automation tools like Selenium, Appium, JMeter, and more.

At the heart of our approach lies a profound understanding of the user's perspective combined with an expert's eye for technical precision. We not only seek bugs but anticipate potential challenges, ensuring that your software stands the test of time.

Our Multifaceted Testing Suite Includes

Functional Testing

We believe that every piece of software should work as intended. Our functional testing ensures each feature of your application operates in conformance with the required specifications.

  • Component Testing: Every individual component is tested separately to ensure its proper functioning.
  • Smoke Testing: A preliminary test to catch the high-level functional errors in the software.
  • Sanity Testing: Post bug fixing, this step ensures the specific component is working, maintaining software sanity.

Performance Testing

Performance is a key determinant of user satisfaction. Our suite ensures that your software not only works but thrives under pressure.

  • Load Testing: Using tools like JMeter, we simulate real-world loads to ensure system behavior under peak loads.
  • Stress Testing with LoadRunner: We push your software to its limits and beyond to ensure it can handle extreme conditions.
  • Scalability Testing: As your business grows, your software should too. We assess its potential to scale.

Integration & API Testing

With an interconnected world, ensuring that different software components interact perfectly is essential.

  • Data Interface Testing: For platforms where data transitions between systems, like in ServiceNow and SAP Hybris, we ensure smooth data flow.
  • API Contract Testing: Using Postman and SoapUI, we validate that APIs meet the specifications consistently.

Security Testing

Security isn’t just a feature, it's a fundamental requirement. Our security tests ensure your software is a fortress.

  • Vulnerability Assessment: Identify, quantify, and prioritize vulnerabilities in the software.
  • Penetration Testing: Simulate malicious attacks to understand potential security breaches.

User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

The software is as good as its user's perception. UAT ensures the end product is aligned with user expectations.

  • Alpha & Beta Testing: Real-world testing scenarios to gather user feedback and make necessary refinements.

Automation Testing

Incorporating tools like Selenium, Appium, and TestComplete, we automate repetitive tasks, ensuring faster delivery without compromising quality.

  • Regression Testing: Every new feature can introduce changes; we ensure that new code doesn't adversely affect the existing functionalities.
  • Continuous Integration Testing: As codebases get updated, we continually test them, ensuring bugs are identified and fixed in real-time.

Usability & Compatibility Testing

Ensuring that the software provides a user-friendly experience across various devices, operating systems, and browsers.

  • Cross-browser Testing: Your applications are flawless irrespective of the browser used.
  • Mobile Responsiveness Testing: With a myriad of devices in the market, we ensure your application looks and works seamlessly on each one.

Our Automation Expertise

Selenium Automation

As a top-tier automation tool, Selenium allows us to write scripts in various programming languages and run tests across multiple browsers and platforms. Our mastery in Selenium ensures:

Web Application Testing: Seamless and comprehensive testing of web applications across different browsers.

Parallel Test Execution: Running multiple tests simultaneously, resulting in faster feedback and quicker releases.

Mobile Testing with Appium

In the age of mobile-first, ensuring your application's flawless performance on various devices is crucial. With Appium, we:

Native & Hybrid App Testing: Whether your app is native to iOS or Android or a hybrid, we ensure smooth functionality.

Continuous Integration: Integration with tools like Jenkins for continuous automated testing as the app evolves.

Load and Performance Testing with JMeter & LoadRunner

Every application needs to perform under pressure. With tools like JMeter and LoadRunner, we ensure:

Simulating Multiple Users: Assess how your application performs under the stress of many users.

Bottleneck Identification: Pinpoint areas that slow down your applications, enabling targeted optimizations.

Comprehensive API Testing with Postman & SoapUI

APIs are the backbone of modern applications, especially in integrated platforms like Salesforce and ServiceNow. We guarantee:

End-to-End API Validation: Ensure each API functions as intended and communicates correctly with other systems.

Load Testing for APIs: Assess how your APIs stand up to heavy traffic, ensuring they won’t be the weak link in your system.

Regression Testing with TestComplete

As software evolves, making sure new features or changes don't break existing functionality is paramount. TestComplete helps us in:

Automated UI Testing: Validate user interfaces for consistency and functionality after each change.

Data-driven Testing: Feed multiple inputs through automated scripts to test a wider array of scenarios.

Service & Load Testing with SoapUI & LoadRunner

Especially critical for web services in platforms like Azure and AWS, our approach ensures:

Service Simulation: Even before a service is fully developed, we simulate to test how it interacts.

Comprehensive Load Testing: Understanding the maximum load your web service can handle without compromising performance.

Our Testing Process Includes

Requirement Gathering & Analysis
  • Stakeholder Collaboration: Engage in in-depth discussions with stakeholders to collate detailed requirements and comprehend the software's expected functionality.
  • Feasibility Study: Assess which segments should undergo manual testing and which ones are primed for automation, especially while dealing with intricate platforms like SAP Hybris or ServiceNow.
Test Strategy & Planning
  • Scope Outlining: Defining the testing domain, pinpointing specific modules, features, integrations, and functionalities for thorough examination.
  • Resource Mapping: Delegating tasks to our manual and automation maestros, keeping in view the particular nuances of platforms like Salesforce or Azure.
Design & Development of Tests
  • Crafting Manual Test Scenarios: Developing exhaustive test scenarios and constructing detailed test cases to ensure blanket coverage.
  • Automation Blueprinting: Drawing on tools such as Selenium, Appium, and TestComplete to craft robust, modular, and scalable automated test scripts.
Tailoring the Test Environment
  • Real-World Emulation: Configuring an environment that mirrors actual user conditions, be it simulating ServiceNow workflows or AWS cloud functionalities.
  • Automation Setup: Utilizing capabilities like the Selenium Grid for concurrent test runs and integrating with CI/CD pipelines for a seamless testing flow.
Execution of Tests
  • Dedicated Manual Testing: Our seasoned testers meticulously validate every feature, ensuring congruence with stipulated requirements.
  • Automated Test Drives: Launching scripts across diverse platforms, browsers, and devices, especially optimizing for cloud services like Azure.
Monitoring, Feedback & Iteration
  • Real-time Issue Reporting: Leveraging Postman, SoapUI, and JIRA for instantaneous feedback, ensuring rapid detection and documentation of any anomalies.
  • Performance Benchmarking: Deploying JMeter and LoadRunner to assess software performance against set metrics and standards.
Bug Logging, Tracking & Rectification
  • Unified Collaboration: Teaming up with the development brigade for swift and effective bug resolution.
  • Validation Post-Fix: After each fix, tests—both manual and automated—are rerun to affirm the efficacy of the fix.
Regression Analysis
  • Manual Cross-Verification: Validating that recent code alterations haven't unintentionally disturbed extant functionalities.
  • Automated Regression Checks: Executing automated test suites to swiftly gauge the ripple effects of recent code integrations.
Comprehensive Reporting & Review
  • Holistic Documentation: Offering an all-encompassing test summary, complete with insights, metrics, and actionable recommendations.
  • Feedback Integration: Syncing with project stakeholders for reviews and iteratively fine-tuning our approach based on insights and evolving project contours.
Ongoing Maintenance
  • Manual Test Refresh: Regularly updating test scenarios to accommodate software evolution.
  • Automation Suite Refinement: Continuously enhancing and enlarging the automation suite, ensuring its growth is in tandem with the software.

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